Hi, I'm Jeff.
I'm interested in creating work that reflects the ways we care about things.
I want to capture some of the warmth and appreciation we feel 
When we make contact with what matters to us:
What brightens us up or feels alive and potent.
I want to honor the beauty we see, the connections we make, and the care we exercise.
I hope this intention shows through my work and resonates with you.
To keep up with what I'm making, you can find me on Instagram (@lithosere).

If you're curious about what Lithosere means:
A lithosere describes how bare rock can become a forest.
Lichens, along with natural weathering, slowly break down rock surfaces.
This gives a chance for mosses to grow and convert more of the rock into soil.
Grasses and herbs follow suit, then shrubs, and finally trees can take root.
Each stage of plant life helps pave the way for the next,
From the lean and hardy forerunners to their larger and more complex successors.
Together, they create a landscape that allows a wider range of life to develop and flourish.
Taking this kind of holistic outlook feels like the right way to approach things:
Honoring things for what they are, our connections to them, and their place in the wider world.
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