Hi, I'm Jeff. I started making linocut prints in 2018 after a few years of working on papercuts and digital artwork. I love how involved the design, carving, and printing process is; and how substantial finished prints look.
I chose the moniker Lithosere for this work because I like what the term represents. A lithosere describes how bare rock can become a forest. Lichens, along with natural weathering, slowly break down rock surfaces. This gives a chance for mosses to grow and convert more of the rock into soil. Grasses and herbs follow suit, then shrubs, and finally trees take root. Each stage of plant life helps pave the way for the next, from the lean and hardy forerunners to their larger and more complex successors. Together they create a landscape that provides a place for a wider range of life to develop and flourish.
With my prints I want to create images that can speak to the heart of something or resonate more generally. Designs might be simple, intricate, or abstract; but with each I try to express something clear and potent. I'm still new to printmaking, but I'm optimistic about what I may be able to do in this medium. I hope my prints connect with you in some way.
The majority of my designs will be printed as open editions and reproduced as long as there is demand and the blocks print faithfully. I'll add links to purchase prints as I complete print runs and they become available to ship. I'll begin selling my prints online through Etsy starting in early 2019.
As I complete new prints I'll post them here and on Instagram (@lithosere).
To hear about sales, new designs, and appearances at upcoming events, you can subscribe to my newsletter.
Thank you for your interest. I'm excited to share my work with you.
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