Good communication creates new connections. When you’re able to see what’s at the heart of a story, you inevitably find common experiences, shared values, and secret hopes. As you discover parts of yourself and what you care about in something new, you begin to take a genuine interest. It's here that new possibilities can be made real. I’d like to help build these bridges by showing people what makes a subject special.

A lithosere describes how a landscape of bare rock can become a forest. First, lichens and natural weathering begin to break down rock surfaces. Mosses use this foothold to grow and convert more rock into soil. Grasses and herbs follow, then shrubs, and finally trees. As each plant grows, it helps others take root. Gradually, the landscape begins to flourish with life; a forest enriched at every stage by growth.

In a similar way, I aim to create work that honors our experience. From the forces that shape our lives and the wider world, to the tone of our private moments. From projects that capture our passions, to the simpler things we recognize and appreciate. I want to engage with the ways our lives take shape. Big or small, everything speaks to what life is or might be. Through art, design, and videography, I can help give voice to these subjects, letting their essence shine through for everyone to see.

I'm currently looking to make micro-documentaries about local stories and people around the North Bay, before I transition into offering paid videography services. If you have suggestions or if you’d like to learn more, you can contact me for details.
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