Few things in this world speak for themselves.
Instead, we often only see what’s on the surface, and miss both the subtle and the salient.
What we don’t see – experiences, effort, consideration, and passion – tend to go unappreciated.
I’d like to highlight what’s at the heart of your story and show the bigger picture of what's involved.
Video is a highly effective medium and it's how I've chosen to approach storytelling.
If you know of a story that’s local to the North Bay and might work as a micro-documentary, feel free to contact me with your suggestions.
I will also be offering commercial videography services in the near future, in case you’re interested in bringing your organization's story to life through video.

A lithosere describes how a landscape of bare rock can become a forest. First, lichens and natural weathering begin to break down rock surfaces. Mosses use this foothold to grow and convert more rock into soil. Grasses and herbs follow, then shrubs, and finally trees. As each plant grows, it helps others take root. Gradually, the landscape begins to flourish with life; a forest enriched at every stage by growth. I create work that seeks to honor our experiences - from big to small, and everything in-between. I want to engage with the ways our lives take shape and share what speaks to what our lives are or might be. The world is full of meaningful, powerful, and beautiful stories that we’d benefit from hearing. I hope to help some of these stories find a wider audience, so that we might all grow together.
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